Viewership Results: January 2019!

Better Eating’s goal is to inspire individuals to join the movement for animal rights and to align their actions with their beliefs through their food choices. We do this through targeted educational campaigns that speak to people’s unique values, backgrounds, and concerns.

Since launching our From Vegetarian to Vegan video series in August 2018, we’ve been bringing animal-loving vegetarians (those who live with cats and dogs) into the fold and seeking to build them into active animal allies. By balancing emotional appeal with documentary-style educational content, the series begins by reaffirming their choice to ditch animal meat before discussing the alternatives to dairy and eggs.

So, how are we progressing?

In January alone, 63,853 unique people watched at least one video, totaling 359,649 completed views across the 12-video series! The video series is delivered as 30-second “pre-roll” sequential ads to US-based lacto-ovo vegetarians across the web and on CTV’s. Since viewers are able to skip ads they are not interested in, we consider it a successful engagement when someone watches at least one video.

This brings our all-time total to over 2.3 million completed views from 714,000 unique viewers (in just six months)! A whopping 123,746 of them are highly-engaged viewers, having stuck around to watch at least six consecutive videos for a total of 3 minutes of content.

With our in-house creative team, a video series is never truly complete. We study the responses, click-through rates, and time-on-page engagement, which leads to A/B testing different components and scenes to make changes wherever necessary. In the coming weeks we’ll be debuting additional series optimized for vegetarians motivated by sustainability or personal health, and exploring tools for measuring the actual impact on our viewers’ behavior. Stay tuned!