Viewership Results: February 2019!

Better Eating’s flagship program — delivering targeted educational content that speaks to people’s unique values, backgrounds, and concerns — had another big month in February!

In addition to our From Vegetarian to Vegan video series aimed at animal-loving vegetarians (those who live with cats and dogs), we launched a new version catered to vegetarian environmentalists who are not yet vegan. By balancing emotional appeal with documentary-style educational content, the series begins by reaffirming their commitment to protecting the earth by ditching meat before discussing the alternatives to dairy and eggs.

In February, 205,604 unique people watched at least one video from either series, totaling 338,898 completed views across the two series! The video series is delivered as 30-second “pre-roll” sequential ads to US-based lacto-ovo vegetarians across the web and on CTV’s. Since viewers are able to skip ads they are not interested in, we consider it a successful engagement when someone watches at least one video.

This brings our all-time total to nearly 2.6 million completed views from 917,864 unique viewers (in just seven months)! A whopping 135,312 of them are highly-engaged viewers, having stuck around to watch at least six consecutive videos for a total of 3 minutes of content.

With our in-house creative team, a video series is never truly complete. We study the responses, click-through rates, and time-on-page engagement, which leads to A/B testing different components and scenes to make changes wherever necessary. In the coming months we’ll be debuting a series optimized for vegetarians motivated by personal health, and we’ll be unveiling new research about the types of audiences we’ll be reaching next.