The Future of Better Eating International

In the coming months, you’ll start to see some big changes at Better Eating International. Taking into account many factors, we’ve decided to transition our team’s talent away from developing and running educational advertisements of our own and toward supporting other organizations by creating low-cost, professional-quality content and running sophisticated ad campaigns that best support our common goals. Examples include animated “About Us” videos for vegan organizations, videos and other content to support institutional or educational campaigns, or even product advertisements for new animal-free alternatives.

What prompted this change?

• A demand for our skills. Since day one, we have been frequently contacted by like-minded organizations asking if we have the time to create content in partnership with them — and the answer has previously been “unfortunately not.” Likewise, just as Michelle Rojas was sought by Encompass to co-direct their efforts to nurture equity and diversity within the animal rights movement, Michael Webermann has been asked by ProVeg International to lead their US expansion. Our team is in high-demand, and this shift will allow us to support the important work being done by other groups in the movement.

• A desire to spread the wealth. Better Eating was always an ambitious undertaking. We sought to bring both the quality of production and digital strategies from the corporate and political world to the animal rights movement, both at a fraction of the budget typically allocated to such campaigns. While we’ve reached nearly 2 million people, we feel it’s time to share our talents to improve other campaigns.

• A changing landscape. Admittedly, part of this decision has been driven by a shift in donor priorities. We’ve heard more and more that our stakeholders want to prioritize institutional change because they fear individuals are changing too slowly. We don’t entirely share that perspective, but we respect the input of our biggest supporters and believe that our new direction will significantly benefit the movement as a whole.

Don’t expect any drastic changes right away. We’ll continue to create Better Eating videos this fall, and we and have a grant to run our campaigns into the beginning of next year. Other commitments we’ve made will be kept.

But, in the coming months we’ll likely be getting started on some initial projects for client organizations, refine our processes to focus on client needs, and conduct an organizational rebrand. Stay tuned for more details, and let us know about any animal organizations or animal-friendly companies that may want to partner with us on their digital marketing!

From all of us at Better Eating, thank you for all the support you’ve shown over these 2.5 years!