Program Report: April 2019

As our creative team produces new videos for new series, we continue to monitor our current campaigns closely to  keep track of the most effective placements and tactics for our 30-second vegan ads.

From Vegetarian to Vegan is a series that aims to move vegetarians away from eggs and dairy and toward a commitment to animal liberation. The sequential ads capture the audience’s attention by reaffirming their principles — like ditching meat for the environment — before encouraging veganism, exposing animal agriculture, and promoting plant-based options.

From Vegetarian to Vegan continued to do well in April: 110,125 unique viewers watched at least one video, totaling 241,856 completed views. Since the program’s launch, the videos have gathered a total of 3,135,603 million completed views from 1,206,197 unique viewers, and 146,876 people have stuck around to watch at least six consecutive videos for a total of 3 minutes of content.

These videos are delivered as pre-roll on PopSci, Mashable, and dozens of other top websites. We’re also experimenting with placement on Connected TV’s — getting prime, full-screen placement while people watch TV shows and movies on their Roku, Chromecast, or other connected device. The clips are followed up with banner and display ads to encourage viewers to visit the BetterEating.com vegan eating guide.

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