Last year Better Eating International unveiled our first completed video series, aimed at persuading dog-and-cat-loving vegetarians to care more about cows and chickens being used for dairy and eggs. Those videos have already been viewed over 2 million times by over half a million people in that audience, many of whom have opted into watching...Read More

Viewership Results: January 2019!

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Better Eating’s goal is to inspire individuals to join the movement for animal rights and to align their actions with their beliefs through their food choices. We do this through targeted educational campaigns that speak to people’s unique values, backgrounds, and concerns. Since launching our From Vegetarian to Vegan video series in August 2018, we’ve...Read More

2018 was the first fully operational year for Better Eating International, a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which seeks to inspire compassion for animals through inclusive and empowering digital education. Our efforts to move people towards vegan eating lay the foundation for a future where animals are valued as unique individuals and no longer exploited for...Read More

We’re excited to be kicking off the new year with our first fundraising gala, taking place in Portland, Oregon on January 6. Better Eating’s staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and supporters will come together at our Winter Gala for an evening of delicious food and a celebration of progress for vegan education! Attendees will enjoy...Read More