We’re excited to announce that Better Eating International has been selected as a grant recipient of Animal Charity Evaluators’ Effective Animal Advocacy Fund! This new fund supports ACE’s recommended charities as well as other potentially impactful programs or interventions that they believe show promise and are worthy of funding, including speculative or early-stage programs. The...Read More

It’s been eight months since Better Eating first launched our first educational vegan ad campaign. Since then, we’ve added and changed target audiences, modified and improved the content, and continued to closely watch and record the results. Our video series reaffirm the viewers’ values — like caring about animals and the environment — before encouraging...Read More

Better Eating’s flagship program — delivering targeted educational content that speaks to people’s unique values, backgrounds, and concerns — had another big month in February! In addition to our From Vegetarian to Vegan video series aimed at animal-loving vegetarians (those who live with cats and dogs), we launched a new version catered to vegetarian environmentalists...Read More

Last year Better Eating International unveiled our first completed video series, aimed at persuading dog-and-cat-loving vegetarians to care more about cows and chickens being used for dairy and eggs. Those videos have already been viewed over 2 million times by over half a million people in that audience, many of whom have opted into watching...Read More