Now airing: “From Vegetarian to Vegan!”

Last month, Better Eating International announced that we were finalizing a video series
aimed at moving vegetarians towards vegan eating. Now, we’re excited to say that we have unveiled that series — check it out above!

The series, which is being delivered as 30-second sequential ads to lacto-ovo vegetarians across the web, begins by reaffirming their choice to ditch animal meat before discussing the alternatives to dairy and eggs. The goal is to promote vegan eating and encourage viewers to join the movement for animal rights. Our Program Director, Alex Felsinger had this to say:

“By overlooking outreach to vegetarians, our movement has been missing an opportunity to prevent animal exploitation, create dedicated activists, and refine our messages with a more receptive audience.”

The approach marks the first time the animal rights movement has fully embraced sequential marketing best-practices. We expect it to be the biggest effort yet at preventing vegetarian backsliding and encouraging a shift to veganism. Watch the full series here and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Thank you to our amazing supporters for standing with us through this foundational year, and SPECIAL thanks to our volunteer narrators: Melody Martínez, Mauro Rosales, Joeanally González, and Howard Bryman!