New Series Addresses Non-Vegan Environmentalists

Last year Better Eating International unveiled our first completed video series, aimed at persuading dog-and-cat-loving vegetarians to care more about cows and chickens being used for dairy and eggs. Those videos have already been viewed over 2 million times by over half a million people in that audience, many of whom have opted into watching several minutes of sequential content. With “skip” rates below industry average and above-average time spent on our vegan support website, we are seeing the power of our targeted approach to vegan education in action!

This month we expanded the campaign by unveiling a series catered to people who have taken steps toward vegetarian eating for environmental reasons. The series, which is being delivered as 30-second sequential ads across the web, can be viewed in its entirety on our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe)!

The videos provide research-backed reasons for viewers to take their eco-friendly food choices even farther, while also seeking to increase their concern for animals as they progress through the series.

New topics include:

    • The impact of animal agriculture on climate change;
    • Water and climate footprints of non-dairy vs. dairy milks;
    • The recently-published life-cycle assessment of Beyond Burgers vs. beef burgers;
    • The inefficiency of funneling plants through animals for protein;
    • And more!

Many of these videos will serve as great starting points for reaching meat-eating environmentalists down the line too. Watch the series, tell us what you think, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!