Better Eating Awarded $67K Research Grant by Open Philanthropy Project

Better Eating International has been awarded a $67,000 grant by the Open Philanthropy Project towards a high-level market segmentation study to help the farmed animal protection movement better understand and address the unique needs of various audiences, with particular focus on historically underserved communities.

The research is being conducted by Mozaic Group, a full-service marketing research company who primarily serves Fortune 500 clients including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Their focus includes choice modeling and segmentation, with sampling methods and panel management techniques aimed at reaching low-incidence populations. The study will be overseen by Dr. Steven Struhl, who has a decades-long career in market research at Harris Interactive, and who has written some of the most definitive texts on audience segmentation and predictive algorithms. His food-related research includes nutrition and dietary habit studies for Kraft, General Mills, and Ralston.

This award comprises 50% of the funds needed to complete this study, the most detailed audience segmentation study ever conducted by the animal protection movement. With 6,000 US-based participants, weighted to obtain statistically significant information within multiple variables (race, gender, region, interests, and more), this research will enable Better Eating to match the sophisticated marketing prowess of major corporations and successful public health initiatives.

Open Philanthropy Project’s mission is to give as effectively as they can, and share the findings openly so that anyone can build on them. “We’re proud and honored to receive this vote of confidence from Open Philanthropy, as they identify outstanding giving opportunities that have large potential to improve the world,” said Michael Webermann, Better Eating’s Strategic Director.

By pairing this grant with matching funds originally intended for operational expenses, Better Eating has the funds to conduct this study. However, doing so effectively diverts money away from video production, hindering their ability to apply the research findings towards creating and delivering content to key audiences. Better Eating is seeking $33,500 – which will be matched to total $67,000 — from research-minded donors who want its evidence-based programming to reach its full potential.

Better Eating International is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit founded to inspire compassion for animals through inclusive and audience-responsive vegan education. For funding inquiries please contact Michael Webermann; for research inquiries please contact Michelle Rojas.