A Warm Thank You to Departing Managing Director Michelle Rojas-Soto

With respect and admiration for her 2.5 years of outstanding leadership, Better Eating International must make the bittersweet announcement that Michelle Rojas-Soto will soon be transitioning from her role on the staff to a volunteer role as Governance Advisor. Having co-founded Better Eating and served as our first managing director, Michelle’s presence will be deeply missed and her shoes very difficult ones to to fill.

Says Michelle in her departing letter,  

My experience working at Better Eating has been deeply rewarding. I’m particularly proud of the high-performing team I helped lead, our progressive HR policies, strong financial management, and diversity & equity commitments I stewarded.

We do not intend to rush the task of finding a replacement Managing Director. In the coming weeks, her duties will be shared by Program Director Alex Felsinger, Strategic Director Michael Webermann, our board of directors, and contracted bookkeeping services if needed.

Michelle joined the founding team of Better Eating in the fall of 2016, helping lay the groundwork for the organization we’ve become. In addition to the duties typical of a Managing Director (such as financial oversight, legal compliance, and staff management), Michelle arrived with research skills and a public health background that proved essential in our founding days. She has brought a thoughtful, considerate approach to everything from short conversations to major decisions, and we expect to continue relying on her level head when we call upon her expertise.

Her departing letter concludes,

Your generous support of Better Eating has made it possible to develop and launch this innovative strategy, bringing us closer to our goal of widespread understanding and adoption of vegan ethics. Against the odds, you’ve helped us build an organization with progressive values and integrity rooted into our structure and every action and decision. With your continued generosity, I know that the Better Eating team will continue to thrive and reach new heights.

Thank you for the pleasure of partnering with you in this audacious undertaking. I look forward to continuing to support Better Eating in an advisory role after my departure.

Michelle will join Encompass as its new managing director on June 17, where she will provide much needed equity development and support services to the animal rights community, allowing us all to be more effective in our advocacy. Please join us in wishing Michelle the best moving forward!