In the coming months, you’ll start to see some big changes at Better Eating International. Taking into account many factors, we’ve decided to transition our team’s talent away from developing and running educational advertisements of our own and toward supporting other organizations by creating low-cost, professional-quality content and running sophisticated ad campaigns that best support...Read More

With respect and admiration for her 2.5 years of outstanding leadership, Better Eating International must make the bittersweet announcement that Michelle Rojas-Soto will soon be transitioning from her role on the staff to a volunteer role as Governance Advisor. Having co-founded Better Eating and served as our first managing director, Michelle’s presence will be deeply...Read More

Program Report: April 2019

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As our creative team produces new videos for new series, we continue to monitor our current campaigns closely to  keep track of the most effective placements and tactics for our 30-second vegan ads. From Vegetarian to Vegan is a series that aims to move vegetarians away from eggs and dairy and toward a commitment to...Read More

 180,000. That’s the number of unique people Better Eating reaches every month with our life-changing content, thanks to supporters like you. And now we have a rewarding new way to support this groundbreaking program! Patreon is a subscription model for creative projects, offering people to select the monthly amount of their choice in exchange...Read More