Now airing: “From Vegetarian to Vegan!”

Last month, Better Eating International announced that we were finalizing a video series
aimed at moving vegetarians towards vegan eating. Now, we’re excited to say that we have unveiled that series — check it out above!

The series, which is being delivered as 30-second sequential ads to lacto-ovo vegetarians across the web, begins by reaffirming their choice to ditch animal meat before discussing the alternatives to dairy and eggs. The goal is to promote vegan eating and encourage viewers to join the movement for animal rights. Our Program Director, Alex Felsinger had this to say:

“By overlooking outreach to vegetarians, our movement has been missing an opportunity to prevent animal exploitation, create dedicated activists, and refine our messages with a more receptive audience.”


Announcing Our First Video Series!

The past year has been foundational for Better Eating International. We established an equitable organizational culture of mutual respect, accountability, and productivity; we researched, tested, and created our animation style; and now we’re in the midst of the largest attitudinal study in the history of the vegan movement.

While the results of that study will become the road-map to help target our future video content, we also decided to start creating content for an audience segment we have already identified: lacto-ovo-vegetarians who love animals (age 18 to 34 and in the USA). We’re in the final stages of developing a 10-video series that encourages them to stay veg, but also nudges them toward vegan eating.

While these folks have already taken steps to help animals, we have three significant reasons for choosing this initial audience:


Toward A Safer and More Equitable Movement

Toward a Safer and More Equitable Movement

We at Better Eating International are disturbed to learn about the continued sexual harassment and other wrongdoing by several male leaders in the animal protection movement. We are witnessing the immense pain, frustration, fear, sadness, and anger in those who have experienced this trauma directly and indirectly. We stand with everyone who has been or who continues to be impacted or triggered by these events.

We are also disturbed by the institutional and cultural failures that allowed harassment to occur and to go unchecked for so long. Furthermore, we presume that the events we are hearing about now are not isolated and instead point to a systemic problem within the animal protection movement. This current discussion is long overdue and we are grateful for those who have bravely come forward to start it. We hope that you are heard and receive full support and redress.