2018 was the first fully operational year for Better Eating International, a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which seeks to inspire compassion for animals through inclusive and empowering digital education. Our efforts to move people towards vegan eating lay the foundation for a future where animals are valued as unique individuals and no longer exploited for...Read More

We’re excited to be kicking off the new year with our first fundraising gala, taking place in Portland, Oregon on January 6. Better Eating’s staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and supporters will come together at our Winter Gala for an evening of delicious food and a celebration of progress for vegan education! Attendees will enjoy...Read More

Technology can be a force for good, but opportunities to learn and advance in tech are not equally accessible to everyone. Only 12% of all women employed in computer and information science are Black or Latinx women (source), and 30% of technology executives say there are no women at all in their organizations’ leadership positions...Read More

Humans exploit and abuse animals in countless ways, with none being more pervasive and sickening than the billions of chickens, turkeys, fish, pigs, and cows who are killed for human consumption each year. We know they are unique individuals capable of feeling affection, joy, loneliness, and pain, and they are made to suffer immensely by...Read More