We are building
a better world
with better eating.

Our Process

Better Eating International seeks to inspire compassion for all animals through inclusive and empowering vegan education. Our efforts to change how people eat are an important part of a worldwide movement to create a future in which animals are valued as unique individuals and no longer exploited for human gain.

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Seek Community Input

To identify appropriate target audiences, we study the differences in behavior, attitudes, and backgrounds. Once we isolate a segment of the population, we seek input from them through focus groups and our Community Advisory Panel before, during, and after producing educational content for them.

Produce Content

Our in-house creative team can quickly create high-quality animated videos with original art, music, and sound in both English and Spanish. By saving all of our previously-developed content in a video database, we save time by modifying videos from other segments to target a new one. This process also allows for constant A/B testing, making subtle modifications to increase our impact.

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Promote Content

For under 10 cents per view, we’re able to push 15- and 30-second targeted educational videos to specific audiences as online video ads. Even better — by using sequential retargeting, we can show a series of 8 to 12 videos to the same person over time, giving them a full picture of the why’s and how’s of veganism.

Grow Vegan Community

While we believe in the power of the internet to provoke change, we acknowledge the importance of local vegan community. Using location targeting, we’re able to direct our viewers toward local organizations and events where they can meet vegans in their own cities and neighborhoods. We’re counting on you to welcome them!

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Save Animals

Every new vegan has a measurable impact, sparing dozens of animals each year from ever being bred, abused, and killed for food. It’s simple supply and demand, and as we persuade millions of people to move past meat, dairy, and eggs, we’ll save tens of millions of animals from exploitation.

Refine and Repeat

We are dedicated to producing and promoting the best vegan educational experience possible. No video will ever truly be complete — we’ll keep testing and changing, as we see even just a 1% improvement as a massive win. By preserving all content we produce, our process becomes more efficient over time and allows us to reach more audiences and inspire even more people to become vegan.

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Our Values

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Seek Justice

Better Eating promotes a vegan diet as means to inspire empathy for animals, combat speciesism, and create a more just world.

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Listen & Follow

Our work is community-driven. We provide tools and technology to amplify the voices of animal rights proponents in different communities.

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Consider Context

Everyone experiences life differently. In our work, we’re considerate of historical trauma, social inequities, and cultural concerns.

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Map & Measure

We will be intentional in our work by planning ahead, reviewing metrics, periodically measuring our impact, and change strategy when needed.

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Engage Critics

Anyone with concerns about our approach is welcome to contact us to discuss how we may improve.

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Offer Transparency

We strive to make our finances, study results, and governance structure transparent and available to our supporters. Any information that is not clearly available on our website can be requested via email.

Inclusion Policy